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Our SMS software is spicily desalinized for schools which fulfills schools requirement. It is not that we are providing only to schools, but to other industry  too. We have multiple sms software that we provide according to clients requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Instruction to send SMS

There are 3 ways to send SMS

1 Simple      2 Group   3 Bulk

  • How to send SMS using simple option – This option allows to copy and paste phone number, after pasting phone numbers and write message in message box

Note- This option can be used if you want to send messages on few numbers.


  • How to use Group option- This option allows saving contacts by group or class wise. To create a group click on create group and give the name of group. (Group name does not allow space or special character like $%@ etc.)

Once group is created to take contact from excel sheet click choose file option and click add option.

Note- All phone numbers should be under A columns

To send class or group wise message select group name and then make a post and then write message in message box, click post to send message.


  • Bulk option allows sending message using excel sheet.

To send message using excel sheet click on bulk option, there is an option Upload list of phone numbers – download excel or CSV format from there. You will see on the top it is written PHONE on a column, Please delete only sample phone number. Do not delete word PHONE. Once you save the contact in given format, there is option to select file. Once you click that contact sheet will be uploaded. Click on upload and post to send message.

How to create Group – Group option allows creating group like fist class, second class, third class etc.

To create group click on group option – click on create group option and give group name.

Once group is created click on manage option to upload contact.

While uploading contact using excel sheet keep in mind contacts should be on a column (at the left side)

How to Send Template based message – If you want to send template message using simple option then type the numbers in number box then click on the template then custom template then select the template and make the changes if required. Hit post button to send message

Using group option just select your created group and follow the similar instruction as above.